Automatic cooling package and connected starter

[Abstract] Automatically cooled beverage package includes a first cavity (10) and a second cavity (20) and a third cavity (30) containing a consumer beverage, the second The cavity constitutes a heat exchanger and contains the cooling liquid and its steam, the third cavity (30) contains a number o ...more

Product packaging equipment

[Abstract] A device (1) for packaging products (7), characterized in that the supply line (21) of the strip (24) supplying the packaging material feeds the given moving strip (24) to the cutting device ( 30) The cutting device (30) cuts the strip (24) into a series of sheets of packaging material ...more

The Art of "Empty" in Graphic Design (I)

[Abstract] "Air" can find its origin in Chinese philosophy. It is fully reflected in Chinese traditional painting art and landscape architecture. The article explores the use of book design, advertising, packaging, web design, positive and negative graphic ideas, and creative styles such ...more

Nordic Chemical developed Borclear RB707CF

â—†Development: Borealis Group â—†Features: The newly developed PP grade Borclear RB707CF breaks through the limitation that traditional extrusion blown film cannot use PP resin. According to reports, the new grade has excellent optical properties, good processability, and balanced rigi ...more

Production and Degradation Analysis of Environment-frie…

2 Evaluation of Degradation Performance of Vacuum Aluminized Paper Vacuum aluminum-plated paper has lower production costs than composite aluminum foil cards and coated paperboards, and it is clean and environmentally-friendly. It has gradually been favored by product packaging manufacturers and ...more

"UCR" and "GCR" Separation Process …

Second, GCR separation process The GCR is a way to adjust the amount of black ink used to replace the color ink. The essence is to use a Gamma curve to control the black substitution. In this way, Black Generation can be controlled by Black Generation, which is the black highlight. Black Int Limi ...more

Screen Printing Substrate - Glass

The third part of the glass glass Glass is the oldest material in the history of human use and is produced by hot melting a mixture of high silicon content. In screen printing, glass is a type of printing material and they come in two forms: Cast or flat glass plate Cast or blown glass items ...more