Anti-corrosion knowledge

“Preservative wood is based on the principle of pressurization. The material is placed in a pressure tank, and the wood preservative is injected. The wood preservative is infiltrated into the inner layer of the wood by vacuum pressure, and then vacuumed and pumped out of ...more

Wine bottle weight indirectly affects the environment

At a recent speech on wine and climate change held in New York, Kerman announced the results of the survey. At the same time, other winemakers gradually came to realize the environmental impact of wine production and sales, including fertilizing and spraying wine grapes. Insecticides, transportatio ...more

Promote Zhuhai Zhongfu to Lead the Plastic Bottle Marke…

Zhuhai Zhongfu’s PET beverage bottles accounted for more than half of Coca-Cola’s and Pepsi Cola’s needs in the Chinese market. It is the largest supplier of PET bottles and PVC labels in Southeast Asia. In addition, as the pioneer of domestic PET beer bottles, the company alr ...more

Wood-based panel surface finishing process

The surface of the wood-based panel can be decorated to make the surface of the wood-based panel beautiful, smooth, and strong. The surface of the artificial board is separated from the external environment by a paint film to protect the artificial board. Various wood-based pa ...more

Energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures for med…

In recent years, the production of medium density fiberboard has developed rapidly, the scale of production of enterprises has been continuously expanded, the import production line has been continuously introduced, and the production of medium density fiberboard is leaving the ...more

Tips for kids DIY toys

Some young parents also want to make toys with their children. They just don't know how to do it. They don't know where to look for materials. In fact, it is very simple, and it is very convenient to take materials. Here are three suggestions for your reference: The first one, take material ...more

Wood surface common surface treatment technology

Wood surface common surface treatment technology Whether the surface of the coated wood product is smooth and clean, whether there are defects such as stains, glue marks and resins, has a direct influence on the quality of the coating. For this reason, it is necessary to carr ...more