One of the common problems of pearlescent plastic ink i…

one. Pearlescent effect is poor or no pearl effect 1. Check if the outlets of the printing plate are clogged. If necessary, clean the printing plate outlets. 2. Check whether the outlets of the printing plate are too shallow to achieve the required effect. 3, check the blade angle is too large ...more

T-shirt Printing Prepress Technology (4)

Fourth, screen production 1. Screen making materials, tools The screen is composed of a frame, a screen, and a photosensitive adhesive. The materials used include nail nails, adhesive meshes, and sealing tapes. The tools for making screens include: stretchers, stretch clamps, and nail guns. , gl ...more

Technical defects and remedies of ink in printing (6)

Adhesion, migration: Fault phenomenon: In thousands of packaging substrates, such as soft polyvinyl chloride or cellulosic plastics, the ink film softens after ink printing or varnish coating, and adhesion, migration, and backing of other substrates occur after surface printing. Viscosity phenom ...more

Automatic cooling package and connected starter

[Abstract] Automatically cooled beverage package includes a first cavity (10) and a second cavity (20) and a third cavity (30) containing a consumer beverage, the second The cavity constitutes a heat exchanger and contains the cooling liquid and its steam, the third cavity (30) contains a number o ...more

Product packaging equipment

[Abstract] A device (1) for packaging products (7), characterized in that the supply line (21) of the strip (24) supplying the packaging material feeds the given moving strip (24) to the cutting device ( 30) The cutting device (30) cuts the strip (24) into a series of sheets of packaging material ...more