C301 antistatic cast polypropylene film

The product launched by Shanghai Wisteria Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is an improved product of ordinary cast polypropylene film.

In addition to keeping the characteristics of high transparency, good thickness uniformity, good barrier property, low-temperature heat-sealing performance, etc. of ordinary cast polypropylene film, the film has been significantly improved and improved in the antistatic performance of the film. Solve the many unfavorable factors caused by static electricity in the production process of the composite process, and greatly expand the application of polypropylene film.

The company's C301 product has excellent antistatic properties, its electrostatic value is generally below 2KV, the surface resistance is less than 1011Ω, and it must ensure that the other physical and chemical properties of the film are not affected. After the physical and chemical laboratory testing and the actual use of customer products, this type of product The antistatic effect of the product has reached the level of imported similar products, and it is the best antistatic effect that can be achieved by adding non-amine-containing additives in addition to coating technology.

The antistatic property of the antistatic cast polypropylene film can effectively ensure that the heat seal area avoids the powder adsorption contamination and affects the heat seal performance of the film during the heat sealing and packaging process of the powdery content. â–¡

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