New type water bottle

A Canadian packaging company produced a new type of soda bottle. Can be used to fill drinks with gas. This soda bottle is made of PET plastic. The capacity is 1.5L. The soda bottle is made using a plastic aerosol body technology. The gas in the bottle can continue until the drink is finished. Unlike other soda bottles. One open cover. The gas will come out. Not waiting for drinks to drink light. Carbon dioxide gas has all run away.

Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag is a kind of bag which made of various plastic films composite and combined by bag-making machine. It is used to pack food, medicine, industrial goods, daily necessities etc , the  advantage as fellow: 

1.  Strong function of isolating air , waterproof and moisture-proof

2.  Strong mechanical function, high explosion resistance and strong puncture resistance and tear resistance

3.  High temperature resistance(121°C) , low temperature resistance (-50°C), oil resistance ,good fragrance protection,

Prevent odor contamination. 

4.  Non-toxic and tasteless, consistent with food packaging cleaning standards

5.  Good Heat seal function and high insulation function

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Aluminum Foil Packaging BagAluminum Foil Packaging Bag

Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag

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