Product packaging equipment

[Abstract] A device (1) for packaging products (7), characterized in that the supply line (21) of the strip (24) supplying the packaging material feeds the given moving strip (24) to the cutting device ( 30) The cutting device (30) cuts the strip (24) into a series of sheets of packaging material (8), which is subsequently fed to a feeding station (22) which will each sheet (8) ) feeding a packing wheel (12) which passes through the feeding station (22) with another movement; a compensating roller (42) with compensating memory (46, 47, 54) is located in the cutting Between the device (30) and the feeding station (22).

[Sovereign Items] 1. A device for packaging products, which includes a packaging wheel (12) that operates with a first motion; a sheet feeding material (8) is supplied to a feeding station (12) of the packaging wheel ( 22); a feeding line (21) operating in a second motion, the feeding line supplying a continuous strip-shaped packaging material (24); a cutting device (30) arranged along the feeding line (21), the device ( 30) cutting the continuous strip (24) into sheets (8); feeding the sheet (8) sequentially to the feeding device (26) of the feeding station (22); the packaging wheel (12) includes many A support (14) and a plurality of holding devices (15), each support (14) for accommodating a corresponding product (7), each holding device (15) being associated with a respective support (14), And the first movement runs through the feeding station (22) to receive the corresponding sheet (8); the apparatus (1) is characterized in that the feeding device (26) comprises a movable compensation assembly (31), the compensation assembly Also included are removable storages (46, 47, 54) for packaging materials (24, 8).

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